TradeLens is a blockchain-based joint platform created by IBM and Maersk. The solution helps all participants in a global supply chain gain access to critical end-to-end information and data quickly, accurately and securely

1. Reduce the cost of global shipping
2. Improve visibility across supply chains
3. Eliminate inefficiencies caused by paper-based processes

Example Use Cases
1. As a Shipper and Customs Authority, I would like to access documents relating to a given shipment so that I don’t have to deal with multiple external sites and can easily access necessary information.
2. As an Importer, Exporter and Customs Broker, I would like to search for shipments using a container number so that I can expedite the process of having visibility to unique shipments that have multiple containers associated to it.
3. As a user of the TradeLens platform, I would like to easily view information that is relevant to latest shipments so that I can better navigate daily tasks and routines.